Eastern Region

The Eastern Region is located in the southeast part of Ghana, surrounded by Lake Volta, the Bono East Region, the Ashanti Region, the Central Region, and the Greater Accra Region. The Akans are the dominant indigenous group of people found on this side of the region. The Akans are renowned for displaying stone beads, cowries, and gold ornaments.
The food most enjoyed in this region is “Ampesi and Fufu”; these have been depicted below.

Volta Region

The Volta Region is renowned for its beautiful natural forestry landscapes and waterfalls. The people of Volta most widely speak the “EWE ” language. The people of the Volta region are known for holding unique festivals such as Afertornu, Hogbetsotso, the festival of Exodus, and Kusakorkor. These festivals are often held as an act of giving thanks for the gift of life, strength, spirituality, and for some; womanhood.
The display of bright colors and expressed spirituality is highly demonstrated during these festivals.
The most cherished food widely eaten all across the Volta region is Akple and F3tri toto. A very delicious and nutritious meal enjoyed by all.

Greater Accra

Greater Accra Region, the capital city of Ghana, is one of the most exciting and distinctive regions. Although it is the smallest region of all, it is the most densely populated region, home to different indigenous groups from all over the country. However, the native owners of the land are the Ga tribe.
Commonly known to be very comical and free-spirited, Ga is a group of people that welcome interactions and are great people to hang out with.
“Kenkey with shito lo” is a very popular food enjoyed all over Africa; this food comes from the Greater Accra Region.