In accordance with the recommendations given by the Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture, Republic of Ghana, below is a list of things that may aid you in your travels within Ghana.

All paperwork and copies

  1. Passport
  2. Passport size photos
  3. Visa
  4. Travel documents ( Yellow fever and COVID Cert)
  5. A contact list of next of kin or emergency contacts 


  1. Toothbrush, floss, and paste
  2. Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner pack
  3. Lotion
  4. At least two rolls of toilet paper or portable tissue packs
  5. Body spray/perfume/deodorant
  6. Small first aid kit containing bandaids, bug spray, small prescription medical kit, etc.
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Pads and tampons


  1. Flashlight
  2. Batteries if needed
  3. Tech gear (camera and vlogging equipment)


  1. sports/hiking shoes
  2. Warm jumper or jackets
  3. Tracksuit
  4. Beachwear 
  5. Sleepwear
  6. Comfortable touring clothes 
  7. Dinner and outing outfits

Things to also consider;

Lightweight backpack for day travels

Comfort snacks can be bought at Ghana Mall upon arrival

Eyewear (glasses and contacts)

A small number of Ghanaian cedis and a travel card


  • Make sure to get to know your destination in depth before you arrive.
  • Try not to draw too much attention to yourself, especially when traveling alone.
  • Make copies of important documents.
  • Keep your friends and family updated.
  • Be wary of public Wi-Fi.
  • Safeguard your hotel room.